A General Overview of Korean Company Decision-Making

Korean Legal Translation Accuracy Depends on a Clear Understanding of the Korean Company Decision-Making Process The Korean company decision-making process is based on a strict hierarchical structure that is remarkably similar across the Korean business world. Therefore, it is critical to understand this protocol before translating Korean corporate documents. In this article, I explain about [...]

How Do You Write “Director” in Korean?

** Visit the related discussion on Korea Business Central: "How Should I Translate My Director Job Title to Korean?" ** For more information on Korean company hierarchy, refer to my executive report: "Succeed in Korean Business by Understanding Company Hierarchy". * If you need help translating job titles for business cards within your organization, I'm [...]

Answers to Questions about Accounting Services to Small Businesses in Korean

Setting up a small business in Korea isn't hard, but understanding the bookkeeping and tax requirements can be tricky, especially as there isn't a lot of Korean accounting information available in English. Sure, various web site resources cover the basics, but I've encountered plenty of situations where I still needed to get expert advice. And [...]

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