Translator Profile Reference List

The following list of translators shows the exceptionally talented linguists we have had on our team. You won't be cutting corners when you entrust us with translation of your important documents. Area(s) of Specialty Name Education Miscellaneous Details Translation Experience Engineering, Automotive, Machinery J. Kim Seoul National University (Engineering) Worked five years at the Frankfurt [...]

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Translation is not a Commodity!

Translation is Not a Commodity! A Word (or Two!) about Comparing Prices Because we specialize only in Korea and the Korean-language, our rates are very competitive among quality providers. Keep in mind that translation is not a commodity that can be purchased based on "job price" alone – and pricing gimmicks are completely meaningless. Many [...]

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Quality and Control Process

We Ensure Quality through Specialization Language Specialization Every translation agency maintains a database of translators. Agencies that handle hundreds of languages must keep records of translators in each language, making it impossible to deepen such resources in any meaningful way within such a broad range of languages. In contrast, our Korean translation resources go deep [...]

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